A joint examination by BBC Sport Africa and Norway’s Josimar magazine can uncover a portion of the foundation which prompted one of world football’s most senior figures being addressed by French specialists. He was met, yet not confined nor charged, in Paris a week ago.

At its heart lies a little-known organization that Confederation of African Football (Caf) President Ahmad acquainted with his association. France-based Tactical Steel has turned into a key provider of gear to Caf, including during the current month’s Africa Cup of Nations, in spite of not seeming to offer football hardware on its site.

Short presentational dark line

As far back as archives released not long ago featured an arrangement made in 2017 – the year Ahmad got down to business – among Caf and French organization Tactical Steel, the Caf president’s job has been under investigation.

The arrangement in December 2017 was striking as Caf dropped a request worth 210,217 euros ($248,055; £186,899) with sportswear organization Puma to take up an elective request with Tactical Steel for $1,015,313. The Puma arrangement incorporated a 60% rebate.

Caf had chosen to change to an alternate games brand yet these couldn’t evidently be gotten in time from a neighborhood producer, consequently the arrangement of Tactical Steel.

The change to another and new provider pulled in consideration.

Caf insiders state it is unordinary for the African football body to purchase sports gear through an outsider, instead of arrangement legitimately with real games producers as has happened normally previously.

Media reports recommend the requests – to give Caf footballs and packs for the African Nations Championship (Chan) in Morocco in January 2018 – were indistinguishable however BBC Sport Africa and its Norwegian teammate Josimar have been told this was not the situation.

Ahmad has disclosed to us that the Puma arrangement was for 13,378 non-marked things and the Tactical Steel bargain for 35,460 marked things, however records we’ve seen recommend the distinction between the requests was a lot littler: the Puma arrangement being for a little more than 15,000 and the Tactical Steel one for a little more than 22,000.


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