The EU has taken steps to force authorizes on Turkey in the event that it proceeds “unlawful boring” in waters close Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean.

The notice came at an EU summit in Brussels. EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called Turkey’s activities “absolutely unsatisfactory”.

Turkey propelled a moment penetrating boat – the Yavuz – on Thursday for petroleum gas and oil prospecting off Cyprus.

The Republic of Cyprus is in the EU, yet the breakaway north is expert Turkey.

The European Council – the EU government pioneers – approached Turkey to “show restriction, regard the sovereign privileges of Cyprus and cease from any such activities”.

“The European Council embraces the welcome to the [EU] Commission and the EEAS [EU remote issues service] to submit alternatives for fitting measures immediately, including focused on measures,” the announcement said.

Oneself pronounced Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is perceived uniquely by Turkey, and is universally detached.

Turkey said it was penetrating inside its mainland rack, following universal law. Reuters news office announced that a Turkish boring boat, the Fatih, had been secured west of Cyprus since early May and had started penetrating.


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