The guardians of a Muslim believer named “Jihadi Jack” have been discovered blameworthy of financing fear mongering.

John Letts, 58, and Sally Lane, 57, from Oxford, sent their child £223 while he was in Syria in spite of concerns he had joined the Islamic State gathering.

An Old Bailey jury found the couple not blameworthy of sending him a further £1,000 and couldn’t achieve a decision on a third charge of subsidizing psychological warfare.

The pair each gotten 15 months detainment, suspended for a year.

In an announcement perused by their specialist, they stated: “We have been sentenced for doing what any parent would do in the event that they felt that their youngster’s life was in threat.”

Muslim believer Jack Letts left his home in Oxford at 18 for Jordan and Kuwait for study and the travel industry.

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In March 2015, police cautioned the couple they gambled arraignment in the event that they sent their child cash.

At that point in September, Lane moved cash to a record in Lebanon after her child demanded it had “nothing to do with jihad”.

She let him know: “I would go to jail for you on the off chance that I thought it gave you a superior possibility of really achieving your 25th birthday celebration.”

Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC stated: “It was one thing for guardians to be idealistic about their youngsters, and I do recognize he is your child who you adore definitely.

“In any case, in this setting you lost sight of substances.”

He told the couple: “The notice signs were there for you to see.”


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