Indians the nation over praised the fifth worldwide yoga day on Friday.

Temperatures are taking off in numerous urban areas, including the capital Delhi, however that didn’t prevent individuals from social affair outside and extending and twisting their way through at any rate an hour of yoga.

What’s more, the occasion pulled in a wide range of members – even the pooch unit of the Indian armed force!


The Indo-Tibetan fringe police – and their pooches and steeds – were not going to be beaten. They rehearsed what they called yoga, doga and hoga.

What’s more, they were more fortunate than a considerable lot of their partners – they got the chance to rehearse their yoga in cooler climes, along India’s picturesque Himalayan outskirt.

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Among the individuals who did yoga in an all the more testing atmosphere were the military on board the maritime plane carrying warship INS Viraat which is docked off the coastline of sweltering Mumbai city.

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In Gujarat, the warriors got somewhat more inventive with their yoga.

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Leader Narendra Modi, who is known to be a yoga aficionado, additionally rehearsed alongside a horde of nearly 40,000 individuals in Jharkhand state.

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“We should attempt endeavors to take yoga from urban areas to towns and ancestral regions. Yoga is above religion, rank, shading, sexual orientation and locale – it is above everything,” Mr Modi said at the headliner, which commenced festivities.

The Indian PM was spotted doing stretches, curves and breathing activities in Ranchi, the state’s capital city.

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A few specialists partook in a yoga session at the fifteenth Century Adalaj stepwell in the western territory of Gujarat.

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Here, individuals rehearsed yoga in Jammu, in the contested Himalayan territory of Jammu and Kashmir.


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