Three presumed al-Shabab aggressors have been executed after they assaulted a police camp in Kenya’s eastern County of Garissa, near the fringe with Somalia, police say.

Different warriors were shocked by security officers, an announcement said.

At any rate eight Kenyan cops were slaughtered in an al-Shabab bomb assault a week ago in north-eastern Wajir County.

The activists have been attempting to oust the Somali government.

The al-Qaeda-connected gathering has done assaults and kidnappings in Kenya, vowing requital for the nation’s inclusion with Amisom – a 20,000-in number African Union power supporting the administration in Somalia.

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The Friday night assault occurred in Yumbis Border Patrol unit camp in Fafi sub-district, however security officers did not endure any setbacks, police said.

The activists harmed a cell phone pole, cutting off correspondence in the zone, nearby paper The Star reports.

A group of security powers was seeking after the enduring aggressors, police said.


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