Germany says it will restore an artistic creation stolen by Nazi troops from the Uffizi Gallery in the Italian city of Florence in 1943.

Vase of Flowers, assessed to be worth a great many euros, has been in the hands of a German family.

In January Uffizi head Eike Schmidt said Germany had an “ethical obligation” to help take it back to the exhibition hall.

Dutch ace Jan van Huysum painted the still life and it was first shown in Florence in 1824.

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German troops stole the work as they withdrew north during World War Two.

For what reason did it take such a long time to return?

The canvas reemerged in 1991 after German reunification, however endeavors to return it fizzled.

The unidentified family had requested up to €2m for the canvas, reports stated, while the German experts had refered to a legal time limit on wrongdoings over 30 years of age that it said kept it from interceding.


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