A previous New York Police Department investigator has kicked the bucket subsequent to battling to expand remuneration for the individuals who endured damage, disease or injury because of the 9/11 assaults.

Luiz Alvarez, 53, experienced 68 rounds of chemotherapy to battle malignant growth brought about by poisonous presentation at Ground Zero.

He talked at a congressional hearing on 11 June in help of a bill to stretch out therapeutic subsidizing from 2020 to 2090.

Alverez said the store was not “a ticket to heaven”.

Showing up nearby entertainer Jon Stewart, he said the Victims Compensation Fund (VCF) was “there to accommodate our families when we can’t”.

For what reason do debilitated 9/11 saints ask Congress for cash?

On 19 June, Alverez posted on Facebook that he would enter a hospice because of liver disappointment.

“I’m resting and I’m settled,” he said. “I will keep on battling until the Good Lord chooses now is the ideal time.”

He said he would attempt to accomplish more meetings to “keep a light” on the battle for VCF benefits.

“It would be ideal if you deal with yourselves and one another,” he finished up.


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