Liesel Pritzker Simmons is fantastically affluent. However, this individual from one of America’s most extravagant families is additionally uneasy about it.

“It’s the ideal opportunity for us who are honored with uncommon budgetary achievement or karma to contribute more to our normal great and basic future,” she told the BBC. “The most ideal way that we in this lucky air pocket can contribute is that we need to be saddled more.”

Ms Pritzker Simmons acknowledges it’s a somewhat unconventional view. Be that as it may, this week she, and 17 other super-rich people, set out their reasons in an open letter..

America’s monetary and social ills have made an emergency for the youthful, poor people, and the earth, they said. We don’t have every one of the appropriate responses, yet we can help: Impose a riches charge on us – it’s our good and energetic obligation to hand over a greater cut of our fortunes.

With her better half Ian, a beneficiary to a family fortune himself, they talked about opening up to the world about individuals they knew held comparable concerns.

Speculator George Soros, Facebook’s prime supporter Chris Hughes, and Disney beneficiary Abigail Disney, were among those joining. “There could have been more”, Mr Simmons said. “We simply needed to dismantle in enough names to get the discussion moving.”

They are not married to a specific proposition, however one recommendation was this: Add a duty of two pennies for every dollar on resources after a $50m exception, and one penny for every dollar charge on resources above $1bn. It would produce about $3tn in income more than ten years, they said.

Paper editorialists and Twitter’s furious detachment turned protesting in the streets to scrutinize and ridicule this “extremely rich people club with an inner voice” and pack of special misinformed do-gooders.


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