Amsterdam’s city hall leader has reported alternatives to fundamentally patch up the city’s shady area of town, incorporating shutting down houses of ill-repute in the downtown area.

Femke Halsema is trying to execute the greatest redesign of the city’s sex exchange two decades.

The choices incorporate prohibiting sex specialists remaining in window-fronted rooms.

The new proposition are a push to shield sex specialists from gawping voyagers and to battle an ascent in human dealing, Ms Halsema said.

In any case, there are no designs to prohibit prostitution out and out, she included.

“I think a ton of the ladies who work there feel embarrassed, snickered at and that is one reason we are contemplating transforming,” she told Reuters.

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The four fundamental situations are: finishing road window shows; shutting down downtown area houses of ill-repute and moving them somewhere else; decreasing the quantity of downtown area massage parlors; and venturing up the authorizing of window specialists.

Different plans incorporate a “sensual city zone” with a reasonable passageway door.

The four fundamental choices will be disclosed to occupants and organizations this month prior to one is picked and put to a vote in the city board in the not so distant future, Ms Halsema said.

Prostitution was sanctioned by the Dutch government in 2000.


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