ASAP Rocky has been captured in Sweden and blamed for disturbed strike.

Examiners express it’s to do with a battle on Sunday in the capital Stockholm, where he’d been playing at a celebration called Smash.

A video, since distributed on the web, seems to demonstrate him punching another man in the road.

Be that as it may, the rapper has additionally put recordings of his own up via web-based networking media. He says they’re from before the battle and they demonstrate the man tailing him.

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Sweden’s Prosecution Authority says ASAP Rocky, genuine name Rakim Mayers, is one of four individuals who’ve been captured.

Of the other three, two are associated with bothered ambush and one of strike.

In the recordings on ASAP Rocky’s Instagram, he and the general population he’s with more than once advise a couple of men to quit tailing them.


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