Several individuals are accepted to have endured food contamination at a 90th birthday festivity for previous Philippines first woman Imelda Marcos.

Around 2,500 gathering goers went to the occasion in Manila on Tuesday, where they were served chicken and rice snacks.

Visitors were then raced to medical clinic in ambulances in the wake of encountering “retching and discombobulation”, one observer said.

Wellbeing authorities said 261 individuals had been influenced. Ms Marcos was not among them, as indicated by reports.

The 90-year-old government official is the single man of previous despot president Ferdinand Marco. She is renowned for her affection for extravagance and her gathering of more than 1,000 sets of shoes.

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The previous first woman organized enormous festivals for her birthday in Manila

In spite of debate over her family’s discolored political history, she remains a well known figure in Philippines where she organized various birthday occasions this week.

Supporters went to one such gathering in a games arena on Tuesday, where they were encouraged rice, bubbled eggs and chicken adobo – a conventional appetizing dish marinated in vinegar and soy sauce.


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