A bloodstained paw print was found beside a zookeeper who was battered to death by a tiger, an investigation heard.

Rosa King, 33, had been cleaning windows in the tiger fenced in area at Hamerton Zoo Park in Cambridgeshire on 29 May, 2017, when she was assaulted by a Malayan male called Cicip.

Miss King endured “awful” wounds including a cut off spinal rope.

She was depicted as an “excellent guardian” by one of her associates, and was in great spirits before the assault.

The investigation was informed that a guest to the zoo discovered Miss King’s body.

After he raised the alert, managers raced to close the walled in area’s doors so the tiger couldn’t escape into an open territory of the zoo.

They likewise tossed meat over the fence to divert the creature and allure him back to a sheltered region.

Scenes of wrongdoing official Nathan Searle, who was associated with the beginning times of the police examination, told the investigation: “There was an enormous bloodstain on the ground, a lot of keys and a blood-recolored paw print.”

He likewise noted there was a white material that was wet, and a squeegee and an improved basin close to the passage of the walled in area.

Zookeeper executed by tiger when ‘leaving fenced in area’

Guest discovered zookeeper’s body

Jury to hear zoo tiger passing examination

Head guardian Katherine Adams recently told the examination the zookeepers thought their wellbeing framework was “idiot proof”.


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