A dedicated Christian who was lost his college course for posting that homosexuality was a transgression has won an intrigue against the choice.

Felix Ngole, 39, was expelled from a postgraduate social work course at the University of Sheffield in 2016 in the wake of posting the Facebook remark.

Judges toppled a past court governing and said the college ought to reexamine Mr Ngole’s case.

The college said it was thinking about its reaction to the judgment.

Mr Ngole, from Barnsley, had contended that tossing him out ruptured his rights to the right to speak freely and thought.

He said he had been communicating a conventional Christian view that “the Bible and God recognize homosexuality as a wrongdoing”.

His remarks were made during a discussion on Facebook about Kim Davis, a state official in the US province of Kentucky, who wouldn’t enlist same-sex relational unions, makes a decision about heard.


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Claim judges said the University of Sheffield ought to rethink Mr Ngole’s case

A few months after the fact, he was namelessly answered to the college and was trained in a wellness to rehearse (FtP) hearing.

The college said he was taking an “expertly qualifying degree” with the point of turning into a social laborer and contended what he had said would influence gay individuals he may work with.

Mr Ngole took his case to the High Court in 2017 yet judge Rowena Collins Rice decided that college managers had acted inside the law.


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