A statue existing apart from everything else an Aboriginal Australian football player faced racists has been uncovered in Perth.

Nicky Winmar’s group St Kilda had recently won a match against Collingwood in 1993 when he made the notable signal that would go down in games history.

Adversary fans heaved supremacist maltreatment at Winmar – so he lifted his shirt, indicated his chest and pronounced: “I’m dark, and I’m pleased to be dark.”

Winmar, presently 52, said it feels “dreamlike” to be deified in bronze.

“I trust this statue empowers more discussions and instruction about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture,” he said at Optus Stadium on Saturday, in remarks announced by Australian Associated Press.

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Nicky Winmar bars as the statue is revealed

Recalling that day’s bigot misuse, he told neighborhood paper The Age: “It was an assault on my family and me, they assaulted my identity – something I couldn’t change.

“Footy is for everybody, regardless of where you originate from, your identity, men, ladies, youngsters, dark or white, rich or poor.”


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