China’s envoy to the UK has denied that Muslim youngsters in western Xinjiang are in effect deliberately isolated from their folks.

A BBC report found that several youngsters from the Uighur minority ethnic gathering had the two guardians kept, either in camps or in jail.

In the meantime, China has propelled an enormous scale crusade to manufacture life experience schools for Uighur youngsters.

Pundits state it is a push to disconnect youngsters from their Muslim people group.

Nonetheless, Chinese represetative Liu Xiaoming rejected this.

“There’s no detachment of kids from their folks. Not in any way,” the diplomat told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday.

“On the off chance that you have individuals who have lost their kids, give me names and we’ll attempt to find them”, he included.

Proof accumulated by the BBC demonstrated that in one Xinjiang township alone in excess of 400 youngsters had lost both of their folks to some type of internment.

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Chinese specialists guarantee the Uighurs are being instructed in “professional instructional hubs” intended to battle fanaticism.


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