Eton College will offer 12 free 6th structure spots to young men “with gigantic potential however constrained chance”.

The Orwell Award will be available to the individuals who don’t have the most astounding evaluations, perceiving that their potential may have been restricted by conditions.

The spots will be offered to Year 11 understudies at non-particular state schools and will cover full boarding charges.

Previous head administrator David Cameron and Tory initiative cheerful Boris Johnson are among Eton’s graduated class.

Both the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex were likewise understudies at the Berkshire school, which charges expenses of more than £40,000 every year.

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Superintendent Simon Henderson said the school had a convention of offering free places “to meriting understudies” since it was established in 1440, including that there were in excess of 80 students right now in the school “who pay no expenses”

“The Orwell Award will guarantee that we proceed with this convention by aiding young men with gigantic potential however constrained chance,” said Mr Henderson.

“We are not focusing on young men who will do well at any rate.


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