A milestone harmony meeting between the Taliban and persuasive Afghans, including government authorities, has concurred a “guide for harmony” that could rush the finish of the 18-year war.

An announcement required a conclusion to non military personnel setbacks and the assurance of ladies’ rights inside an “Islamic system”.

The non-official understanding comes as the US and Taliban keep on arranging an American withdrawal.

The US toppled the Taliban in 2001.

A seventh round of talks between American arbitrators and the extremists is relied upon to continue later on Tuesday. They want to achieve an understanding that would see US troops haul out as a byproduct of a responsibility that Afghanistan would not be utilized as a base for psychological warfare.

The Taliban are declining to hold direct exchanges with the Afghan government until the US declares a timetable for the withdrawal.

Will Taliban and Afghan pioneers share harmony?

Will converses with the Taliban bring harmony or bedlam?

Who are the Taliban?

The Afghan ladies decided not to miss out in Taliban talks

Yet, the two-day gathering in Qatar, which saw senior Afghan authorities go to in an individual limit, is viewed as having laid the ground for formal talks later on.


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