Nigerian essayist Lesley Nneka Arimah has won an esteemed prize for her anecdote about a parallel universe where single ladies go stripped until they are hitched.

She has been granted $12,500 (£10,000) for her triumphant Caine Prize for African Writing story called Skinned.

Arimah told the BBC its hidden message was to demonstrate the uniqueness in the treatment of wedded and unmarried ladies in Nigeria.

The judges said it was “one of a kind retake of ladies’ battle for incorporation”.

“Lesley Nneka Arimah’s Skinned defamiliarises the well-known to topple social chains of command, challenge customs and imagine new potential outcomes for ladies of the world,” said Kenyan creator Peter Kimani, who was the seat of the making a decision about board.

“Utilizing a cheerful word usage, she creates a tragic universe possessed by extraordinary characters where kinship is tried, guiltlessness is lost, and perusers gain another comprehension of life,” he said at the honors supper in London on Monday evening.


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