Hong Kong pioneer Carrie Lam has said the dubious bill that would have enabled removal to the Chinese territory “is dead”.

At a question and answer session on Tuesday, Ms Lam said the administration’s work on the bill had been an “all out disappointment”.

In any case, she held back before saying it had been completely pulled back, and nonconformists have promised to proceed with mass revives.

The bill started a long time of distress in the city and the administration had officially suspended it inconclusively.

“Yet, there are as yet waiting questions about the administration’s genuineness or stresses whether the legislature will restart the procedure in the Legislative Council,” Ms Lam told journalists.

“So I repeat here, there is no such arrangement. The bill is dead.”

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She had recently said the bill “will bite the dust” in 2020 when the current authoritative term closes.

Dissent pioneers have responded irately to Ms Lam’s most recent endeavor to appease them.


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