Afghanistan has been shaken by claims of inappropriate behavior at the most elevated amounts of government. Authorities deny bad behavior however a BBC examination has gotten notification from ladies who portray a culture of maltreatment.

In a house close to the foot of the dusty mountains that encompass Kabul, I meet a previous government worker. She requests to stay mysterious on the grounds that she fears a kickback. However, she needs the world to hear her story.

She says her previous manager, a senior priest in the legislature, more than once bugged her, and one day when she went to his office, attempted to physically attack her.

“He straightforwardly approached me for a sexual support. I revealed to him I’m qualified and experienced. I never figured you would direct such sentiments toward me. I rose up to leave. He got my hand and took me to a room at the back of his office. He pushed me towards the room and let me know, ‘It’ll take just a couple of minutes, don’t stress, accompany me.’

“I pushed him by his chest and said enough. Try not to make me shout. That was the last time I saw him. I was so furious and vexed.”

Did she record an objection after the occurrence?

“No, I left my activity. I don’t confide in the legislature. In the event that you go to the court or to the police, you will perceive how degenerate they are. You can’t locate a sheltered spot to proceed to gripe. On the off chance that you stand up, everybody will accuse the lady,” she lets me know.

The previous government worker says that two other ladies have disclosed to her that a similar priest assaulted them – a case the BBC has not had the option to freely check.

“He’s doing this audaciously, with no dread since he’s a persuasive man in the administration,” she says.


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