The principal individual perceived by a Spanish court as one of the nation’s “stolen babies”, who were grabbed from their moms during the Franco tyranny, has discovered her organic family following a DNA test.

Yet, Inés Madrigal additionally discovered that she wasn’t stolen all things considered, however embraced.

A court had a year ago decided that an older specialist stole her as a child.

On account of a DNA database in the US, Ms Madrigal discovered a cousin, who put her in touch with biological siblings.

Ms Madrigal, 50, was a test case for the many infants taken illegally from their mothers. The mothers were told their children had died, but the children were given to other families to adopt, often with the help of the Catholic Church.

The practice began under Gen Francisco Franco and went on for up to 50 years, until the 1990s. No-one knows how many babies were stolen but victims’ groups estimate that the number taken from their mothers could be as high as 300,000.

Ms Madrigal’s revelation that her mother willingly gave her up for adoption has now prompted prosecutors to reconsider the case.


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