New Zealanders have begun giving once again their quick firing weapons as a major aspect of a buyback plan following a boycott after the Christchurch assaults.

Weapon changes were instituted after a shooter shot dead 51 individuals at two mosques in March.

Saturday’s handover in Christchurch was the first of in excess of 250 accumulations to be held the nation over.

More than NZ$433,600 (£230,000) was paid in pay to 169 guns proprietors, who submitted 224 weapons.

The weapons were then obliterated.

Christchurch shootings: New Zealand MPs vote to change weapon laws

The general population slaughtered as they implored

“Police perceive this is a major change for the decent guns network and we are hearing extremely constructive criticism from out of this world through today that they are finding the procedure functions admirably for them,” territorial police leader Mike Johnson said.

In excess of 900 weapon proprietors in the Canterbury area had enlisted to hand more than 1,415 guns, he included.

One weapon proprietor, who mentioned namelessness, was satisfied with the NZ$13,000 (£6,900) he got for his self-loader chasing gun.

“I didn’t figure this would be a reasonable procedure by any stretch of the imagination – I wasn’t especially cheerful about it. In any case, the result was great and they dealt with it well,” he told the New Zealand Herald paper.

In any case, not every person was content with the accumulation.


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