France will set up another space guard direction in September, President Emmanuel Macron has reported.

Talking multi day before the yearly Bastille Day festivities, Mr Macron said that the direction would “better ensure our satellites, incorporating into a functioning way”.

Examiners state this denotes a change from a cautious to a hostile stance.

Mr Macron’s proposition pursues comparable moves by the US, China and Russia as of late.

Russia ‘attempted to keep an eye on France in space’

Trump space drive: US to set up 6th military branch

Russia disregards US tension over military satellite

A year ago, US President Donald Trump requested the arrangement of a 6th part of the nation’s military – a “space force”.

Media captionCould Trump’s ‘Space Force’ become a reality?
He said it would be unacceptable to let either China or Russia lead in space.


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