Many individuals have been executed as storm floods tear through Nepal, Bangladesh and north-eastern India.

In any event 47 individuals have lost their lives in Nepal as heavy rains hit the locale, the administration said in an announcement.

Twenty-nine individuals are accounted for missing in the midst of floods and avalanches, while 28 have been harmed.

Overwhelming downpours have additionally caused passings in packed Rohingya outcast camps in Bangladesh.

In excess of a million people have been influenced by rising floodwaters as a major aspect of the occasional storm.

Overwhelming downpours are relied upon to proceed in the coming days.

Is India’s weather becoming more extreme?
Police have rescued more than 1,100 people from across Nepal, affecting some 10,385 households.

A family of three was killed when part of their house collapsed in the capital, Kathmandu.

Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar – where more than a million Rohingya refugees are encamped after fleeing a military crackdown in Myanmar – has been hit by at least 58.5 centimetres of rain this month, according to the country’s meteorological department.


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