Three Australian papers have lost an intrigue against a criticism payout that was granted to West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle.

Articles distributed in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and the Canberra Times announced cases that Gayle had presented himself to a female back rub specialist in Sydney in 2015.

Gayle said the tales were not valid, and effectively sued for slander.

A court has rejected both the intrigue and an offered by Gayle for a bigger payout.

The 39-year-old batsman was granted A$300,000 (£170,000; $210,000) by the Supreme Court of New South Wales a year ago.

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During the preliminary, knead specialist Leanne Russell claimed that Gayle had mostly presented himself to her in a changing area, leaving her “extremely furious”.

She had reached Fairfax Media – at that point the proprietor of the three papers – in the wake of being infuriated when Gayle told a columnist “don’t redden, infant” in a 2016 TV meet, the court heard.

Gayle contended Ms Russell’s claim was created. A jury favored him, deciding that the papers had neglected to set up a barrier of truth.

Media captionChris Gayle apologizes for ‘don’t redden, child’ remark in 2016

In testing the decision, the papers contended they ought to have gotten another preliminary on the grounds that Gayle’s legal counselor had propelled a “full-throttled assault” on Ms Russell’s validity during his end address.

The New South Wales Court of Appeal concurred this had been uncalled for to Ms Russell. It ruled, in any case, that the jury had been given adequate guidelines to achieve a reasonable decision.

The court additionally expelled a counter-bid by Gayle that his payout was lacking.

Gayle is among the world’s most elevated profile cricketers and as of late switched his arrangements to resign from one-day internationals.


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