The four US congresswomen assaulted by US President Donald Trump in tweets generally called bigot have rejected his comments as a diversion.

Delegates Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib encouraged the US individuals “not to take the lure” at a news meeting on Monday.

Mr Trump had proposed the four ladies – all US residents – “can leave”.

He has shielded his remarks and precluded claims from securing bigotry.

On Tuesday, he kept up his Twitter assault on the ladies, blaming them for saying “tarnished and abhor bound things”.

The president did not unequivocally name the ladies in his underlying Twitter tirade on Sunday, yet the setting made an unmistakable connect to the four Democrat ladies, who are known as The Squad.

He started a furore in the wake of saying the ladies “initially originated from nations whose administrations are a finished and complete calamity” and they ought to return home.

Three of the ladies were conceived in the US and one, Ms Omar, was conceived in Somalia yet went to the US as a tyke.

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Following the clamor, the four ladies advised correspondents they needed to re-center consideration around to the president’s approaches.

“This is just an interruption and a diversion from the insensitive tumult and degenerate culture of this organization, right down,” Ms Pressley said.

Both Ms Omar and Ms Tlaib rehashed their calls for Mr Trump to be reprimanded.


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