Despite the fact that HBO’s Euphoria has basically attracted commendation (and worked up discussion) for its lumpy delineation of points like habit, wretchedness, and brutality, that hasn’t prevented watchers from estimating about huge plot turns. Indeed, one fan hypothesis would make the show’s now bleak setting considerably darker. A few people think Rue is dead, and Euphoria’s story is going on before.

The real thinking behind this hypothesis comes from the manner in which Rue omnisciently portrays every scene. She discusses things that she ought to have no information of: Jules’ time spent in a psychological medical clinic, the explanation behind Kat’s immature weight gain, how Nate found his dad’s extra-conjugal undertakings. She appears to realize the characters superior to anything they know even themselves — she reveals to us that Nate feels awkward around other exposed men in storage spaces, and that Kat appreciates the approval she feels while camming.

It appears to be some of what Rue lets us know can be cobbled together from secondary school tattle. She gets notification from schoolmates that McKay attempted to stifle Cassie during sex, and without a doubt Jules has enlightened Rue regarding her past. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about Nate and Kat, whose activities are being stayed discreet even from even their dearest companions? How might Rue know any of this, the hypothesis proposes, except if she’s looking down and describing everything from the extraordinary past?

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Regret must be dead or something…because how can she know the biography of character’s she scarcely converses with? Nate? Kat? She knew things that neither would tell anyone. She’s an omniscient storyteller from the grave I’m calling it now. #euphoria


10:05 AM – Jul 8, 2019

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michelle, your nearby fezco warrior


be that as it may, hold up…. the line lament said about detesting fez until she passes on makes me think she really is dead and describing from her grave #feelEUPHORIA


8:49 AM – Jul 1, 2019

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Rapture heads… is Rue dead and portraying the occasions that lead to her demise? I don’t comprehend why she realizes what Nate is feeling and thinking.. nate as well as like everybody.


8:39 PM – Jul 5, 2019

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It’s likewise clear Rue is made a beeline for a noteworthy limit. Fans accept she’s either going to break faith on her recuperation and overdose, or that the structure strife between her, Jules, and Nate is going to bubble over and bring about her passing in the finale. Jacob Elordi, who plays Nate, confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that Rue and Nate have a “hero, adversary sort of thing” with a “moderate consuming pressure,” so its potential fans are right and Rue kicks the bucket. However, on the off chance that that winds up being the situation, it would feel like a damage to the story. For a certain something, Rue is a remain in for Euphoria maker Sam Levinson, who by and by battled with illicit drug use and self-destructive contemplations for quite a long time.


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