A US judge has condemned Mexican medication boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán to life in jail in addition to 30 years.

Guzmán, 62, was discovered liable of 10 charges, including medication dealing and illegal tax avoidance, by a government court in New York in February.

He got away from a Mexican correctional facility through a passage in 2015, however was later captured. He was removed to the US in 2017.

He is a previous leader of the Sinaloa cartel, which authorities state was the greatest provider of medications to the US.

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Talking through a mediator just before Wednesday’s condemning, Guzmán said in the Brooklyn court his control in the US had added up to “torment” and said he had gotten an out of line preliminary.

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Guzmán’s better half Emma Coronel went to the condemning

The lifelong incarceration was the base Guzmán confronted. The extra 30 years were for unlawful employments of guns. He was likewise requested to pay $12.6bn (£10bn) in relinquishment.

Investigators said Guzmán would serve his sentence behind “huge amounts of steel”, alluding to a high-security jail in Colorado.


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