I’ve never had what some operating at a profit network consider to be “great hair.” Growing up, I was raised to accept my crimps must be restrained into accommodation — from the outset by my grandma putting my hair in consistent cornrows and plaits, and later by my mom’s hot brush. At that point, when I achieved first grade, it was the brilliant pink Just For Me relaxer that was utilized to rectify my tresses each four to about a month and a half, similar to perfect timing.

The way that, as a tyke, I had no genuine memory of my hair being normal constrained me to accept that straight hair was lucky, while my wrinkles were definitely not. I much recall that at 6 years of age, my grandma cautioned me to never trim my long, straight hair, implying that smooth hair was the standard. It didn’t jump out at me at an opportunity to inquire as to why, however I’d just disguised the supposed truth that this surface was prettier and would, thus, make me prettier.

Over my family’s impact, 2000s popular culture additionally vigorously affected my perspectives. As a Black young lady who became an adult in the time of MTV’s TRL, I regularly wished to have white highlights like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I recall some of the time appealing to God to give me a chance to have straight, plush hair so I’d be viewed as excellent like them, as well. Indeed, even years after the fact, when it came time for significant events, for example, prom and my wedding, I genuinely thought the best way to go was to get a new perm and put in a weave. No one could disclose to me unique. So on the off chance that somebody had let me know around then that I’d wind up opposing these every one of those magnificence rules — which would in the end lead me back to my regular surface — I would have never trusted it.


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