A criminal bear compared to a hero for its challenging break over an electric pen in northern Italy is being chased by woodland officers.

The dark colored bear, named M49, was trapped in the Trentino area on Sunday.

Italian specialists had requested the wild bear’s catch in the wake of considering it a risk to people and homestead creatures.

In any case, the creature fled only hours after it was gotten, supposedly scaling three electric wall and a 13ft (4m) high hindrance.

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Park officers with sniffer mutts are chasing the creature, which is right now accepted to be in the Marzola woods close Trento.

Trentino’s representative Maurizio Fugatti gave ranger service experts consent to “shoot it down”, saying the bear’s break over an electric fence “conveying 7,000 volts demonstrates how hazardous it is”.

Yet, his requests incited rage among every living creature’s common sense entitlement activists and were reprimanded by Italy’s condition service.

“M49’s break from the fenced in area can’t legitimize an activity that would cause its demise,” said Environment Minister Sergio Costa.


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Another snare camera envisioned the bear on Tuesday night in the Marzola woods

Explaining Mr Fugatti’s requests, the provincial ranger service and untamed life office told the BBC that the bear would possibly be shot in the event that it represents a risk to individuals.

“It’s a choice that must be taken soon on the grounds that it’s a matter of open security,” division representative Claudio Groff said.

“This bear has attempted and most likely will attempt again to enter homes. For this situation a perilous circumstance may emerge.”


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