Ladies can be guaranteed that menstrual cups are as watertight as tampons and cushions, state specialists who have done the principal, enormous logical survey of sterile items.

Menstrual cups gather as opposed to assimilate period blood.

They fit into the vagina be that as it may, in contrast to tampons, are reusable.

Despite the fact that they have been picking up in fame, the survey discovered familiarity with menstrual cups among ladies was generally low.

The work, distributed in the Lancet Public Health diary, took a gander at 43 studies including 3,300 ladies and young ladies living in rich and poor nations.

Normal worries about attempting a menstrual cup included agony and trouble fitting or expelling it, just as spillage and scraping.

In any case, the audit discovered entanglements were uncommon.

Results from 13 of the investigations found about 70% of ladies needed to keep utilizing menstrual cups once they knew about how they functioned.

Four investigations, including almost 300 ladies analyzed spillage between menstrual cups and expendable cushions or tampons. Spillage was comparable in three of the investigations and fundamentally less among menstrual cups in a single report.


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