A fresh out of the box new library in the Canadian city of Edmonton has cocked eyebrows over its overhaul.

The structure – still amidst its revitalisation – is being contrasted with a tank, a ship, even a tricky dating profile picture.

The analysis is focused over its present structure contrasted with some unique building renderings.

“How could we get from A to B? Humiliating. It’s so revolting,” said one Twitter client.

The Stanley A Milner Library in the city’s downtown center was worked in 1967.

It was shut in 2016 for its C$85m ($65m; £52m) revitalisation, which is booked to be finished for an amazing opening on 14 February 2020.

Picture Copyright @DaniParadis@DANIPARADIS


It’s being charged as a “brilliant, new and inviting space” multiple occasions the size of the past office.

The Edmonton Public Library (EPL) is encouraging commentators to hold up until they see the structure’s last structure when it opens in a half year.


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