A private plunge group has discovered the last American warship sunk off the US east coast in WWII – unraveling a 75-year-old maritime virus case.

The sinking of the USS Eagle PE-56 was first considered a mishap until new proof set up it had been hit by a German submarine.

Its area remained a riddle until June 2018, when the ship was discovered five miles (8km) off the shoreline of Maine.

The Eagle lay 300ft (91m) underneath the outside of the Atlantic Ocean.

“This specific wreck was one of those discussions: ‘wouldn’t it be incredible in the event that we could?'” said Ryan King, an individual from the eight-man plunge group.

Be that as it may, as Mr King started investigating the puzzle covered ship, finding the Eagle before long progressed toward becoming something he “had” to do.

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“It’s one of those disaster areas that just gets under your skin,” said Mr King. “On the off chance that it’s not you, who else is looking?”

He and seven different jumpers looked over the seabed for the ship for a long time before it was found – 69 years after it sank to the base of the Atlantic, killing 49 of the 62 group individuals ready.


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