The Pentagon has said US troops are being conveyed to Saudi Arabia to shield American interests from “developing tenable dangers”.

The move comes in the midst of elevated pressures with Iran over the wellbeing of transportation paths in the Gulf.

Saudi Arabia affirmed that King Salman had endorsed the move “to reinforce local security and dependability”.

The kingdom has not facilitated US battle powers since 2003, when Donald Rumsfeld declared their withdrawal.

The US nearness in Saudi Arabia began with Operation Desert Storm in 1991, when Iraq attacked Kuwait.

BBC North America journalist Peter Bowes says the US is comprehended to send Patriot air guard rocket batteries kept an eye on by 500 troopers to Prince Sultan Base in Saudi Arabia.

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The US additionally plans to send a squadron of F-22 stealth warriors to the base.

“This development of powers gives an extra obstruction and guarantees our capacity to shield our powers and interests in the district from emanant, dependable dangers,” an announcement from US Central Command said.


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