A horde in eastern India has pounded the life out of three men associated with attempting to take steers, police say.

They state the suspects were gotten by residents in the Bihar state as they were attempting to stack a wild ox and a calf onto a lorry on Friday morning.

This is the most recent in a spate of “bovine vigilante” assaults that have incited caution among religious minorities and socially oppressed classes.

Hindus consider bovines hallowed and slaughtering them is forbidden.

Media captionNawal Kishore Sharma clarifies how the vigilante watches work

Three residents were later captured regarding the lynching.

The Hindu serenade that turned into a homicide cry

A night watch with India’s dairy animals assurance vigilantes

How WhatsApp helped transform an Indian town into a lynch horde

Is India dropping into anarchy?

Faultfinders have blamed the administering Hindu-patriot BJP for not doing what’s necessary to get control over such viciousness.


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