Philip Hammond has said he plans to leave as chancellor if Boris Johnson turns into the UK’s next PM.

Mr Hammond said a no-bargain Brexit, something Mr Johnson has left open as an alternative, was “not something I would ever join to”.

Inquired as to whether he suspected he would be sacked one week from now, he said he would leave on Wednesday to Theresa May.

He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr he means to stop after PMQs yet before Mrs May authoritatively ventures down.

Mr Hammond said it was significant the following PM and his chancellor were “firmly adjusted” on Brexit approach.

He said the circumstance “may be progressively confused” if Jeremy Hunt wins the Tory initiative challenge, however “all the surveying” recommended Mr Johnson would succeed.

Johnson’s ‘bargain or no arrangement’ challenge to Hunt

“That is what is probably going to occur, and I’m making my arrangements as needs be”, he stated, including he would hold up until the outcome is reported on Tuesday to “see without a doubt”.

Mr Johnson has said the UK must leave the EU by the new Brexit due date of 31 October “sink or swim, no matter what”.

Mr Hammond said he comprehended resolving to leave by this date, even with no arrangement, would be a condition for serving in Mr Johnson’s bureau.

He stated: “That isn’t something I would ever join to. It’s significant that a PM can have a chancellor that is firmly lined up with him regarding strategy”.


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