Australian swimmer Mack Horton has freely reignited his fight with Chinese adversary Sun Yang, years subsequent to blaming him for being a “medicate cheat”.

Sun pipped Horton to guarantee gold in the 400m free-form at the World Aquatics Championships in South Korea on Sunday.

Horton later wouldn’t impart the decoration platform to Sun – who has confronted crisp cases of damaging doping conventions.

A short time later, Sun told columnists: “Slighting me was OK, yet disregarding China was heartbreaking.”

He included: “I feel sorry about that.”

Horton, the safeguarding Olympic boss, had likewise declined to warmly greet Sun or posture for photographs with him. He joyfully presented close to Italian bronze medallist Gabriele Detti.

Sun served a three-month suspension in 2014 for testing positive for a restricted stimulant trimetazidine, which he said had been for a heart grievance.


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