The United States military has blamed a Venezuelan contender flying machine for imperiling the group of a US naval force plane in global airspace.

The Venezuelan plane made a “dangerous methodology” and “forcefully shadowed” the US observation airplane over the Caribbean Sea, US Southern Command said on Sunday.

Venezuela said the US plane had entered Venezuelan airspace without authorization.

Relations between the two nations have been tense for quite a long time.

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The episode occurred on Friday, that day the US treasury office forced authorizes on four individuals from Venezuela’s military counterintelligence directorate (DGCIM) for their supposed job in the physical maltreatment and demise of a Venezuelan naval force skipper, Rafael Acosta.

Capt Acosta’s demise, which a released measurable report recommends happened after he was seriously beaten, suffocated and given electric stuns while in DGCIM care, caused a universal clamor not long ago.


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