Chinese online business goliath Alibaba has opened its ways to US venders on its most established stage,

It currently offers instruments to permit US firms to sell on the business-to-business stage in the US and all around.

The move will permit Alibaba, customarily China-centered, to contend with worldwide online business mammoths like Amazon. says it has 10 million dynamic business purchasers in excess of 190 nations and areas.

As a major aspect of the declaration on Tuesday, said US produce firm Robinson Fresh would joining the platform on 23 July.

That follows a “strategic collaboration” between and US offices supply firm Office Depot announced in March, it said.

Previously, US businesses mainly bought from Chinese sellers on the platform, which caters to small and medium-sized firms.

The new tools, which include an online payments system, will give American firms access to new customers in China and around the world.


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