A nine-year-old young lady was charged and harmed by a bull buffalo at Yellowstone National Park on Monday.

Video of the episode, posted via web-based networking media, demonstrates the creature tossing the young lady high into the air.

She was treated by medicinal staff in the US park before being discharged, authorities state.

Witnesses state the buffalo was encompassed by a gathering of 50 guests, far closer than the suggested separation away, for around 20 minutes before it charged.

In an announcement, Yellowstone Park officials blamed the proximity of the group for the bison charging.

They also reiterated official advice to stay 70ft (23m) from all large animals in the park – including bison, deer and moose.

The park, which is mostly in the state of Wyoming, also tells visitors to keep at least 300ft away from any bears and wolves they see.

Official advice says wild animals in the park should never be fed or approached by visitors.


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