Belgium and the Netherlands have recorded their most noteworthy ever temperatures, in a heatwave singing Western Europe.

The Belgian town of Kleine Brogel in Limburg region hit 39.9C (102F), the most sultry since records started in 1833.

An Eurostar train separated in the outrageous warmth, catching travelers.

The southern Dutch city of Eindhoven saw 39.3C, hours after the 75-year-old national record in the Netherlands was broken at a close-by airbase.

In pictures: Europe attempts to remain cool in the warmth

It is safe to say that you are prepared for the 35C heatwave?

UK heatwave ‘set to break precedents’

In the midst of the sweltering temperatures, French reports recommended five passings may have been connected to the heatwave.

The most astounding temperature recorded in Paris – 40.4C in 1947 – is relied upon to be outperformed on Thursday.


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