England’s Duncan Scott won bronze in the 200m free-form at the World Aquatics Championships – at that point would not impart the platform to China’s dubious gold medallist Sun Yang.

Scott, 22, completed joint fourth with Russia’s Martin Malyutin yet Danas Rapsys, at first proclaimed the champ, was precluded for a bogus begin.

That implied Sun, who served a three-month boycott in 2014 in the wake of testing positive for prohibited stimulant trimetazidine, won his second title of the titles in South Korea.

The 27-year-old beat Mack Horton to gold in the 400m free-form and the Australian, who has considered Sun a “sedate cheat” and is despondent he can in any case contend, wouldn’t join his adversary on the platform, or posture for pictures.

Because of his challenge, Horton, 23, who won 400m free-form gold at the Rio Olympics, was cautioned about his direct by the game’s administering body, Fina.

Scott and Sun were additionally sent a “notice letter” by Fina for their “lacking conduct”.

“I’m group Mack,” said Scott, who was known as a “failure” by Sun while the pair left the pool following the award function.


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