Australian swimmer Shayna Jack says she tried positive for anabolic specialist Ligandrol and that her B test has additionally affirmed the prohibited substance.

Jack, 20, said she “didn’t deliberately take this substance” and will “battle to demonstrate my innocence”.

The updates on the unfriendly test outcome was declared on Saturday, affirmed by Swimming Australia (SA) and Jack.

That came 13 days after Jack pulled back from the World Aquatics Championships in South Korea for “individual reasons”.

SA protected its treatment of the case and conceded the circumstance was “humiliating” and “disillusioning”.

Jack’s declaration came days after her colleague Mack Horton openly challenged Chinese swimmer Sun Yang, having recently considered him a “tranquilize cheat”.

Four-time World Championship medallist Jack restored an unfriendly outcome in an out-of-rivalry test directed by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (Asada) on 26 June.

In a web-based social networking post entitled ‘The day my life flipped around’, Jack says she was told of the test results by Asada on 12 July. She was temporarily suspended by Swimming Australia and flew home from a preparation camp in Japan.


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