A quest is in progress for the organizer and proprietor of prevalent Indian chain Cafe Coffee Day, who has disappeared in the southern city of Mangalore, police say.

VG Siddhartha had been in his vehicle on the edges of Mangalore when he requested that his driver stop his vehicle at a spot near the Netravati waterway.

“He advised the driver to feel free to stop and that he would come strolling,” a senior cop disclosed to BBC Hindi.

The driver raised the alert when Mr Siddhartha did not return.

Calls to his number had demonstrated his cell phone was turned off, police say.

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Bistro Coffee Day is the biggest espresso chain in India

Mangalore Commissioner of Police Sandeep Patil said two groups had been dispatched to look through the waterway.

Mr Siddhartha’s Cafe Coffee Day establishment is India’s biggest espresso chain. It has around 1,750 bistros the nation over and a few outlets in nations like Malaysia, Nepal and Egypt.


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