Pursue Dekker accepts the photograph he took of a humpback whale “gulping” an ocean lion is the first occasion when that occurrence has ever been gotten on camera.

The 27-year-old natural life picture taker and sea life scientist had taken a pontoon of whale watchers out on the water in Monterey Bay, California, on 22 July when the occurrence occurred.

“It was anything but an enormous gathering, just three humpback whales and around 200 ocean lions,” Chase reveals to Radio 1 Newsbeat.

“We’ve seen it as far as possible up to 100 whales with 3,000 ocean lions, so it can get extremely crazy.”

The creatures were benefiting from a school of anchovies at the water’s surface when the whale wound up with something somewhat bigger in its mouth than it most likely anticipated.

“We were watching them feed for quite a while and after that in the long run the occasion – as I consider it the rare occasion – occurred, regardless I can barely handle it,” he says.

“I had about a brief instant while the whale was coming up to truly appreciate that the ocean lion was over the whale before shooting the remainder of the grouping.”

Picture copyrightCHASE DEKKER

Picture inscription

We don’t know who was increasingly astonished – the whale, the ocean lion or Chase

Pursue is “over 100% sure” the ocean lion swam away fine and dandy after it wound up in the whale’s mouth.


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