Spoilers ahead for Season 1, Episode 7 of Euphoria. All through Euphoria’s first season, we’ve watched Rue ponder substance use issue because of her downturn, uneasiness, and ADHD analyze. In any case, in the July 28 scene, she goes to the acknowledgment that she likewise likely has bipolar issue — similarly as her primary care physician suspected back in the pilot scene. The manner in which Rue’s bipolar issue is delineated in Euphoria isn’t really new; however there have been numerous sensationalized depictions of the confusion on TV and in films, there have likewise been a bunch of attentive and exact ones. All things considered, that doesn’t make it any less dramatic or significant: the extraordinary portrayals still far dwarf the credible ones, and Euphoria is pushing back against waiting generalizations recently authorized by popular culture.

Bipolar issue makes individuals experience extraordinary state of mind changes which can last anyplace from days to a year. The glad or “up” stages are called hyper scenes, while the pitiful or “down” stages are called burdensome scenes. As per the National Institute of Mental Health, bipolar confusion will in general create when an individual is in their late high schooler to early grown-up years. While anybody can create it, the NIMH finds that it will in general cover in teenagers who have additionally been determined to have sadness, uneasiness issue, and ADD, as Rue seemed to be. What’s more, like Rue’s encounters, it’s not in every case promptly certain that somebody is living with bipolar issue.


Regret demonstrates every one of the manifestations of experiencing hyper and burdensome states, but since bipolar issue is so misjudged — and its belongings are once in a while inconspicuous — her loved ones basically believe she’s having a harsh time. Mourn and Lexi taking on the appearance of Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt from Se7en shows this impeccably. Regret showcases an unsafe conduct (smoking), speaks quick around a few things that could conceivably be connected, and experiences difficulty centering or resting (further exacerbated by her chugging espresso made with espresso) — all side effects of a hyper scene. Be that as it may, it’s anything but difficult to consider this to be first as only an entertaining popular culture tribute, as media has prepared crowds to see Rue’s activities in a comedic light (like the famous Pepe Silvia image from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.) Even Lexi, who’s adult with Rue and knows her well, appears to acknowledge Rue isn’t OK, however isn’t sure precisely what’s happening.


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