Washington, September 01 (KMS): US Senator and presidential contender Bernie Sanders has rejected what India is doing in involved Kashmir as inadmissible and encouraged the United States to help the UN-upheld tranquil goals of the Kashmir debate.

Talking at an occasion facilitated by the Islamic Society of North America in Houston, the Senator said that he was profoundly worried about the circumstance in Jammu and Kashmir. He underscored that the correspondence bar must be lifted quickly in the Kashmir Valley.

English MP, Imran Hussain, after a visit to the Line of Control in Kashmir, said that what he had seen was out and out an atrocity. He requested that the global network visit the Line of Control to see with their own eyes the terrible capability of a massacre that was starting to unfurl in the area as the children and girls of Kashmir are abused, oppressed, took shots at and constrained from their homes.

In the interim, many Kashmiris and their sympathizers kept on holding dissent exhibits in Birmingham against the Indian abominations in involved Kashmir. The dissenters at a rally, held in New Street, firmly censured the August 05 move of the Indian government.

The Chairman of Kashmir Council Europe, Ali Raza Syed in explanation in Brussels stated, the up and coming gathering of European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on the circumstance in involved Kashmir is a significant advancement.


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