Dhaka: Protest rally was held and human chain was framed in Dhaka, Bangladesh, today, to censure the Indian monstrosities in involved Kashmir and Gujarat in India.

The dissidents said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in charge of the killings in Kashmir and Gujarat just as in fringe zones of Bangladesh.

Dissidents assembled before the National Press Club around 11am on Wednesday, when law requirement authorities requested that they leave the spot.

Shahbagh police headquarters Sub-Inspector Mohammad Jahangir stated, “Anybody needing to hold a dissent program needs formal consent from Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP).”

Be that as it may, the dissidents asserted that their rally was banned as it was against the present Indian government. “Experts are reluctant to give us a chance to shape a human chain as our requests are against the Indian government,” Nagorik Parishad Convener, Mohammad Shamsuddin, told media.

“Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the main individual in charge of the agitation and killings in Kashmir and Gujarat in India. Bangladeshis are additionally being murdered close to the fringes under his administration,” he included.

He likewise requested that Modi be brought under the steady gaze of the International Criminal Court.


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