Srinagar: In involved Kashmir, Hurriyat activists have said that India can kill them however can’t kill their belief system and they will vanquish New Delhi one day.

The Hurriyat activists in their messages issued through notices and handbills in involved Kashmir said that India had made them solidified and they were remaining before their country with the gifts of Allah Almighty to shield it from the Indian assault.

The Hurriyat activists in the blurbs and handbills stated, “You are defeatist, India. Tune in, you are defeatist, so weakling, that you have carried each sort of weapon to stop us. You are terrified of our weapon – our stone.”

“We won’t let you go alive. We will make you run, run and keep running before tossing out of my Kashmir. We are Hurriyat and we are protectors of our Nation,” the publications and handbills by the Hurriyat activists included.


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