Agra (India): Indian specialists have moved 29 progressively Kashmiri prisoners to Agra Central Jail in Uttar Pradesh province of India.

These prisoners have been moved to Agra Jail in a unique sanctioned air ship. Many Kashmiri detainees had just been moved to Agra since the revocation of unique status of involved Kashmir by the Indian government on fifth August this year.

According to reports, old detainees have been approached to clear their garisson huts and they have been balanced in different sleeping enclosure, while these emptied encampment have been assigned as Kashmiri dormitory. This makes it likely that significantly increasingly Kashmiri detainees will be brought to the Agra Central Jail soon. With the Agra Central Jail previously being full more than its ability, saving a couple of sleeping quarters for the Kashmiri detainees out of the predetermined number of military quarters could bring about more distress for the detainees.

A jail representative told media that the Kashmiri detainees are permitted to eat inside the sleeping enclosure while the remainder of the detainees need to leave the dormitory and line up for their sustenance. All things considered, a portion of these detainees have whined of stomach hurt, being not used to the dampness and warmth of Agra, he said.


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